About Purex

Purex Healthcare PUREX Health Care is one of Purex group companies, it is a fast developing corporation was established in in "2006" specialized in marketing, sales and distribution of cosmomedical & pharmaceutical products. Our health care products are found in professionals and family homes throughout the region and We are proud to assist in providing health to thousands, and maybe millions, of people. PUREX Health Care is a company specialized in Health Care products business aiming to taking charge of all marketing & distribution activities that will ensure not only the proper launch of the products but also will pave the way for a healthy product life cycle.

Our company is Specialists owned, therefore, we have the understanding of the physicians' needs in the current medical environment.

The most important factor in developing and select future products is market need. Our understanding of the needs of our target market segment is one of our competitive advantages. It is critical to our effort to develop or select the right new products.


PUREX Health Care is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. We currently serve individuals, physicians, or health care professionals in the Middle East through our agents in Gulf area, South Africa, Libya, Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia.

Our Mission

In Purex Health Care pharmaceuticals, we believe that our responsibility is to improve the health quality of life and attention to health and beauty, all of this, While ensuring that these products are still far from the side-effects and contraindications whenever possible.

We also believe as a team that we should contribute to the advancement of Egyptian medical industry.

We also recognize that the company's social responsibility must be taken as one of our major priorities.

We also aiming to represent multinational companies in the Middle East region & taking charge of all marketing & distribution activities that will ensure not only the proper launch of the products but also will pave the way for a healthy product life cycle.

Our Vision

Purex Health Care pharmaceuticals company vision is not only to be symbols of the medical and cosmetics treading in Egypt, but also to become one of the key players in the global market by targeting the following goals and determination:
  1. - Insures high product quality and efficiency.
  2. - Strong customer satisfaction.
  3. - Positive reputation/image.
  4. - Strong global presence.
  5. - Increased local and global market share.
  6. - Developing employees and good working conditions.
  7. - Applying and Respecting the laws and regulations.
  8. - Ensures all opportunities for the all, without any distinction, without regard to race, color, religion, sex national origin, citizenship, citizenship, age or disability.

Our Policy Regarding Quality

Purex Health Care adopts a specific quality policy with respect to:

Registration of Products

We adhere to the practical application of all the procedures required to register products as well as comparing locally registered products to the imported ones. We also carry out studies of stability, bio-availability, dissolution…etc in certified entities known for their efficiency on the local and international levels.
Distribution of Products

We only distribute our products through authorized distributors who adhere to all the regulations established by ministries of health in their countries; where products are stored in well-aired places, appropriate areas, freezing chambers and equipped vehicles for distribution of medicine as well as an automatic system that allows the printing of Patch number, expiry date …etc.
Promotion of Products

We are committed to prepare our promotional materials on scientific basis and in compliance with the medical and cosmetic fields under which the product was registered, either in the reputable reference countries or the countries where we work accurately, also we provide our medical representatives with the required training to enable them to perform their jobs effectively.

Our Customers

We work hard to provide our customers with their needs of effective and safe products for reasonable prices with the aim of obtaining the confidence of our customers. Our customers mean the Physician, the pharmacist as well as the patients.

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